I don't even know what this blog is but HELLO I'm Emily. I'm a 17 year old Canadian. I like acting, singing, writing, and I do a lot of sobbing and screaming and flailing.

Chances are you probably don't know me. and if you do, chances are you probably wish you didn't.

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i think you're lovely.
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The mainstream will embrace non-binary genders when it figures out how to profit from them.

"Which gender are YOU? Do gender YOUR way… at JC Penney!"



is tesco feeling ok 



Take note: this is how to properly disarm someone. Always go to the outside of the arm, not the inside.

ah yes I have been doing it wrong the whole time it seems cowering in fear was not the first step


one time in 7th grade i was having unbearable intestinal pain like i could not move at all it hurt so bad so i went to the nurse and she sent me home and the second i got home i farted for legitimately 45 seconds and all of the pain disappeared



just use this excuse any time you don’t want to go to school


okay guys i know next to nobody will reblog this but please

if a family member has ever made a “harmless” comment (what have you done to your hair/what the hell are you wearing/etc)  to you about your appearance and it hurt you, please reblog this, i need to show my mum and step dad the notes.



Can I tweet for you